Verification System

About the New User Verification System

What is this about?​

We've implemented a new system for verifying new users within our Discord server. You might have encountered it if you're a new user or you've been flagged as a suspicious character, and were forced to go through the verification process.

Why is this being implemented?​

This system is necessary as we've recently had a large influx of trolls, alt accounts, attempted raids, ban evasions, and just overly toxic people join our Discord server. This system will greatly reduce the risk of this happening in the future.

Do I have to be worried about anything?​

No, not unless you're a suspicious person who might be forced to go through the verification process. Even those who have already been verified previously may be put back into the verification process. So if you're not a troll, using an alt account, attempting a raid, or evading a ban, you'll be fine.

What do I have to do if I'm required to verify myself?​

The system is very simple to understand. Use our Verification System and follow the instructions provided on your screen. Once you are done, go back to our Discord server and type rv!verify. If everything was done correctly from your side and the system did not reject your request to be verified, you should be given access to the rest of our server.

What if I don't want to verify myself?​

Then you won't be given access to the Discord server.

I haven't done anything wrong! Why am I required to verify myself?​

Being asked to verify yourself doesn't mean you're in trouble for anything, so there's no need to act like you were accused of being guilty for something. We just want to make sure you're not a malicious person. Generally speaking, malicious people wouldn't be able to go through our entire verification process without tripping some of our back-end flags. We'll be able to determine your risk score based on dozens of factors when you go through our verification system. These factors will continue to increase over time, but we'll make our best effort to keep the registration process as easy as possible for innocent people.

What do you check for?​

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose this information. If we disclose the methods we use to identify malicious people, then they'd have an easier time evading our security. Even if we were to tell you what we check for now, that is likely to change very quickly, as we constantly make changes in our back-end. Any data that is given to us through the verification process will only be used to determine if you should be given access to our Discord server or not.

What do I do if my verification request was rejected?​

If you happen to be rejected by our system, contact an administrator to resolve any issues you've encountered during the verification process.